Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Notre Dame Football Season

Yay! Notre Dame football was amazing! The first game of the season The Village has a fundraiser tailgate. All the Grad students and their kids that live at the Village come and run a stand on campus selling food. The proceeds cover all of the activities and things that are planned by the village for the whole year. One of my favorite things that they did throughout the year was that once a month they set up babysitters for the kids (undergrad students) Then coordinated with different restaurants to make a special menu for the adults to go out to dinner for $12 a person. It was usually a 3 course meal including a drink. It was pretty great not to have to worry about finding a babysitter and stuff. Anyway..back to football! If you haven't been to a Notre Dame Football game you haven't been to a football game at all. I seriously recommend going some day. They are pretty incredible! The festivities start the morning before and there are tents all over campus and the parking lot. The entire campus is Tailgating! 

Our walking advertisements! 

 We have to get sunscreen on.
 An hour before each game the Bagpipe Band will start at the Golden Dome and march all over campus leading the fans to the football stadium!

It was awsome. Every game the MBA Association had an nice Tailgate in the Mendoza business building were all the MBA students and families could go get free food!

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